Efficient Work

Efficient Work

Eliminate waste by making the best use of existing data.

40% of an engineers' time is spent looking for information. The information usually exists somewhere but its hard to find. Eigen Ingenuity links your existing data together and displays it in context. Find related information in less than 3 clicks.

We believe in a step-by-step approach, moving from making the best use of available data, through management by exception and eventually a pro-active, predictive organisation.

The Eigen Ingenuity platform makes this possible by providing the infrastructure and services to connect your existing data together and develop new capabilities as you change your way of working.

Eigen Ingenuity provides the enabling technologies at each step of the journey, from data connectors and semantic models through to search, aggregation and alerting and machine learning.

Eigen Ingenuity support lean operations by:

  • reducing meeting time/less time in meetings
  • reducing time spent looking for information
  • reducing time spend understanding problems
  • less time in administration
  • automatic distribution of information

Smart Alerting

Eigen Ingenuity enables aggregation of information across systems with smart alerting based on more than just technical information.

See how ENI Norge used Eigen Ingenuity to enable efficient operations on Goliat FPSO.

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