Condition Based Maintenance




Analytics Tools

Quality decisions and ability to learn

Status Detection

Management by exception - efficient use of time

Context, search & aggregation

Find information quickly and view in context


Pro-active manangement of work based on learned asset behaviour and validated equipment status.


Pro-active monangement of work based on early faultt detection and validated equipment status.


Alerting for abnormal situations. Complete visibility of overall status and avoidance of bad news.


Easy and quick access to information.

Eigen Ingenuity helps companies move to new ways of working and implement machine learning and AI.

Condition Based Maintenance (or Risk Based Maintenance) is about doing only the work necessary to maintain uptime.

It's not about getting an alert when something has failed, it's about knowing, in realtime, what the condition of all your equipment is and how long you have before you need to intervene.

It means knowing for certain that it is ok not to do work.

Understanding equipment condition is complex and currently requires experienced engineers to make judgements based on data from many sources.

Eigen Ingenuity is a technology platform thats supports a step-by-step process for moving from a very manual process to a predictive process as work practices evolve, learn and incorporate new machine learning and Artificial Intelligence based tools.