Operations Dashboard

The Eigen Ingenuity live interactive dashboards are the most elegant and simple way to deliver shared awareness and provide capability for advanced collaboration.

Built using the latest web technologies, the dashboards are designed around the core principles of elegance with performance and reliability. They are built to look good and work in all situations and on any device.

The components are custom built for public dashboard use and have subtle but specific functionality to enable a quality user experience. The dashboards can be easily branded with customer specific branding.

The back end data providers are designed for enterprise grade performance and provide important features like smart caching and optimization.

The Eigen+ Ingenuity dashboards work with any data historian including:

  • OSIsoft PI
  • AspenTech IP.21
  • Honeywell PHD
  • Prediktor APIS
  • Generic OPC HDA
  • InfluxDb – OpenSource data historian

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