Analytics Tools

Quality decisions and ability to learn

Status Detection

Management by exception - efficient use of time

Context, search & aggregation

Find information quickly and view in context


Pro-active manangement of work based on learned asset behaviour and validated equipment status.


Pro-active monangement of work based on early faultt detection and validated equipment status.


Alerting for abnormal situations. Complete visibility of overall status and avoidance of bad news.


Easy and quick access to information.

Eigen Ingenuity is a technology platform that sits on top of existing systems to enable the development of new capabilities.

It provides a single connected interactive view across all business systems that helps people work efficiently.

It provides an open platform for digitisation of business that maintains investment in existing systems.

It connects data from many different sources into a single portal to get a clear understanding of what is going on. It enables search & aggregation, alerting user created dashboards and knowledge capture. Business can make the best use of available information and develop new capabilities to support efficient operations.

Eigen Ingenuity support lean operations by:

  • reducing meeting time/less time in meetings
  • reducing time spent looking for information
  • reducing time spend understanding problems
  • less time in administration
  • automatic distribution of information

Eigen Ingenuity enables shared awareness of key information to improve visibility of status across disciplines and locations.

Smart Alerting

Eigen Ingenuity enables aggregation of information across systems with smart alerting based on more than just technical information.

See how ENI Norge used Eigen Ingenuity to enable efficient operations on Goliat FPSO.

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