Our Story

Eigen was formed by a team of engineers who understand operations and computers. We are the most forward thinking systems integrator for Intelligent Operations in the Oil & Gas industry covering reservoir, production and drilling.

We turn visions into reality for remote monitoring, realtime visualisation, data historians and custom applications for Integrated Operations and the Digital Oilfield.  We are vendor neutral. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers covers control systems, networking, cyber security, system and information architecture and web design. We employ chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers as well as hardware & software engineers, network and telecoms specialists and cyber security experts.

After delivering a dozen Digital Oilfield projects we realised there was something missing - all we were doing was creating more and more data to drown people with!

We needed a way to make it easier for people to see what was going on - not harder. We needed to link information together in an easy to use and relevant way. So in 2007 we began developing a revolutionary new Shared Asset Model.

It wasn't easy and we found a lot of ways not to do it! We investigated a number of emerging technologies. We partnered with Silicon Valley startups and loads of open source projects but nothing quite fitted. What we needed was all the flexibility of a graph with all the power and rigour of a relational database. So we set about building our own platform.

Eigen engineers deliver the first digital oilfield in the Caspian.


Work begins on a new Shared Asset Model.


We complete our 14th digital oilfield project.


The Shared Asset Model goes live.


Eigen delivers Integrated Operations for Drilling.


Eigen Monitor dashboards and Eigen Drill launched at Inteligent Energy.


The Eigen Ingenuity platform is released.


Integration with Confluence, ElasticSearch and Influx.